Birth Control: Itís Come A Long Way

Throughout history people have wanted to have control over their reproduction. Instead of just allowing nature to take its course, we have sometimes wanted to be able to choose when to let it take its course, and when to let it take OUR course.

For millennia people have come up with various recipes and routines that were supposed to prevent pregnancy. Of course today we have advanced medicine that offers birth control options that are highly effective and are simple to use.

In this information age it is easy to get birth control facts. If we choose to be we can be literally bombarded with tidbits of knowledge that we can use to help us make good choices when it comes to family planning. Gone are the days of the only source being word of mouth from closest family members. Today we can get information from professionals who really know what they are talking about and not just passing along what they learned from their parents.

Of course not all people are excited about birth control options. They are actually quite controversial in some circles. Religious and ethical considerations have lead some people to decide that using birth control is an unnatural act and is taking something into our own hands which should really be left in the hands of nature (or God).

Despite the controversy, and as with everything, it is up to each individual to decide if he or she will use birth control and what type they will use. In order best to do this, getting educated on the subject is a very good idea.

A woman might choose hormonal contraceptives such as the pill, the patch or ring, which give hormones in specific dosages every day, causing the body not to ovulate. These are very popular, but have potential side effects. Also, they need to be used just as directed in order to be effective.

Barrier methods of birth control are also highly effective. For the male there is the condom, and women can use diaphragms, sponges or cervical caps. These are very commonly used too, since they only need to be used as needed.

There are also natural birth control methods that have to do with avoiding intercourse during certain days of the month when the woman is more likely to be fertile. This is the least expensive method, but might be difficult to use if your cycle is irregular.

With the Internet as a resource we can get birth control information of all sorts with the click of a button. It is simpler than ever to become educated on the subject and therefore to make an educated decision and one that will be best for you. Of course you must also consult with your doctor, especially in the case of hormonal contraception. Once you have consulted you can get birth control online if you so choose.


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For instance, clarinet lessons might be deductible, thanks to orthodontists who say playing the instrument can help with an overbite. And don't forget those medical expenses. Visits to a chiropractor or acupuncturist, or even a chiropractor who is an .



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