Side Benefits Of Yaz Birth Control

Birth control is important to most women. Family planning is something that every woman should think about, whether they are prepared to start their family or not. Some women opt for natural or behavioral birth control methods while many more rely on what medical science has discovered to be effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Adjusting the types and levels of hormones in a woman’s body has proven one of the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy. This makes sense, considering hormones are what regulate all of the systems involved in our reproductive system. Hormonal contraceptives such as the pill, the patch or the vaginal ring are the most common types of birth control that use hormones.

There are many different types of pill. They come with varying levels of the different hormones and often one will be prescribed first, and if there are negative side effects a different one will be tried. This is the method used because every body is different and reacts differently to hormonal medication.

One type of contraception that is a bit different than other hormonal ones is Yaz birth control. This type has many similarities to other hormonal pills, in that it uses hormones to prevent ovulation and therefore pregnancy, and that it comes in the form of pills that must be taken every day, but there are some differences with this brand.

Yaz uses a different progesterone than most contraceptive pills. Drospirenone is similar to another medication that is used as a diuretic. It also works against male hormones and increases potassium levels in the blood. These are some of the technical differences.

Another difference is that rather than using a cycle of 21 days of the hormone and seven days off of it it has twenty four active pills with four that are inactive. This means that the woman has fewer days without the hormones, which helps to reduce some of the symptoms many people experience before and during their period.  

While most people who take Yaz birth control do not experience troublesome side effects, still some do experience colds or other upper respiratory infections, breast tenderness, headaches, yeast infections, diarrhea and nausea or vomiting.

Yaz birth control has proven effective not only in preventing conception, but also in treating acne. This is great for women looking for birth control and skin treatment. It is also helpful in cases of PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

Only your doctor can help you decide which type of birth control is right for you. Be sure you answer any necessary questions about possible interactions or risks of taking the drug with other preexisting conditions.

Yaz birth control can be effective for you in preventing pregnancy and much more when prescribed by a doctor and taken exactly as recommended.


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